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Oops! This site has been moved!

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you are currently On Shakan97’s Old website. Please Be kind and visit his new Improved neat website at site will not be deleted but no posts will remain. we Hope shakan97’s newblog gets just as many hits than this website. Please mind the rough stuff here and Look at the neat stuff at you and we are very greatful for your support. This website can be sold for 15 wordpress credits which get sent to the name ” superhakan “. Thank you. This website will be sold to the First person who offers and Gives 15 credits.

Thanks everyone for your support and sorry this website is down. you can have it as said above /\ For 15 credits.

Please mind the pages and everything. we hope a good bloggers byes this for 15 credits! Thanks everyone and remember,

untill then… Waddle Off!


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